"ll corpo: ecco una terra non ancora colonizzata dal potere."
Pier Paolo Pasolini

Yalda Younes experiences the flamenco body as an archaic mountain, a still movement with no beginning and no end, an organized chaos of sharp, dynamic activities, an energetic discharge culminating in cathartic silence. A state of total absorption.

In both her practice and her classes, Yalda works with fundamental components of flamenco, avoiding cultural appropriation while maintaining a connection to its original roots: an avant-garde form of rebellion and liberation. Simultaneously visceral and spiritual, social and solitary, the flamenco body reclaims dignity through self-derision, cathartic empowerment, and pleasure in simplicity. This humbling approach to being in the world celebrates diversity, seeks unpredictability, finds strength in vulnerability and joy in cooperation. These fundamentals of flamenco are rooted in Yalda’s contemporary teaching approach, while she takes absolute creative freedom in the form, encouraging individuality and inclusivity among her students, she seeks the emergence of plural, shifting identities.

Her classes are very energetic, precise and safely guided, with equal emphasis on the emotional, physical and spiritual layers. They are filled with playful and poetic imagery, which attempt to convey to her students the warm feeling of being at home while dancing, outside cultural and geographic definitions and stigmatizations.

Yalda Younes offers contemporary flamenco private lessons or group workshops upon demand. Please contact for more information.