a childhood of shelters and boring ballet lessons
a succesion of scary piano teachers
a shy adolescence punctuated by nomadic flamenco classes
in an old factory or abandonned apartments
a weird drumming teacher
a paranthesis in Paris, more boring film and video studies
some back and forth between Beirut and Seville, increasingly obsessing with Israel Galvan
a huge breakthrough in looking at flamenco
a unparalleled feeling of liberation
a redefining of home and familiarity, within the body
a decade in Paris, of artistic collaborations and hybrid performances
of teaching flamenco and not-flamenco
interrupted by ankle injuries and chronic pain
punctuated by a series of nightmarish performances where the body fails
useless doctors appointmens and MRIs
a verdict putting an end to dance
a return to Lebanon
an involvement in secular and women’s liberation rights movements
a growing interest in yoga
ongoing training at the Krishnamacharya lineage in Chennai
huge shifts of perspective through studying the yoga sutras
finding /redefining home
a fulfilling sense of community
a return to dancing
a brutal collapse of a country
a loss of parameters and redefining of home, again
consolation in wilderness and non-human people
a recent attempt in Berlin