ANA FINTIZARAK أنا في انتظارك

performance by Yalda Younes & Yasmine Hamdan (2009)

“Une fois encore si j’entendais cette voix
totalement alors
mon coeur s’allégrait”
— Ishikawa Takuboku

Commissioned by Brest’s Antipodes Festival and Avignon Festival’s Sujets à Vif program, Yalda Younes invited musician Yasmine Hamdan for a collaboration, with no other premise than the desire to work together despite diverging artistic styles and methods.

The two of them weaved a hypnotic, minimalist work, held by Yasmine Hamdan’s repetitive composition consisting of a sample of 3 koto notes, while her voice murmurs Oum Kalthoum’s famous ‘ana fintizarak’ song. Like a tender breeze, the music attempts to soothe and liquify Yalda Younes’ inconsolable, tense body, incarnating the locked-in state of perpetual mourning with no room for grief.

choreography, dance Yalda Younes musical arrangement, voice Yasmine Hamdan original song Bayram Al Tounsi / Zakariya Ahmed (1943) coproduction Le Quartz, scène nationale de Brest, Festival d'Avignon/ Sujets à Vif (SACD) duration 30 min

Tour dates

24-28.02.2009 Festival Antipodes, Le Quartz, Brest
09-16.07.2009 Festival d’Avignon, Sujets à Vif, Avignon
10.09. 2009 Halles de Schaerbeek, Brussels

26.11.2009 Festival Les Vagamondes, Théâtre de l’Agora, Evry
26.03.2010 Théâtre d’Arles, Arles
15-20.10.2011 Maison des Métallos, Paris