a birth in Beirut
a childhood of shelters and boring ballet lessons
of solitary summer months staring at mountaintops
a succesion of scary piano teachers
a shy adolescence
punctuated by nomadic flamenco classes
in an old factory and abandonned apartments
a freaky drums teacher
a paranthesis in Paris, of film and video studies
some back and forth between Beirut and Seville
increasingly obsessing with Israel Galvan
a huge breakthrough in exeriencing flamenco
a unparalleled feeling of liberation
a redefining of home and familiarity
within the body
a decade in Paris
of teaching flamenco then not-flamenco
of hybrid performances
interrupted with bone cracks and chronic pain
nightmarish performances where the body fails
and useless doctors appointments and MRIs
a verdict putting an end to dance
a return to Lebanon
an involvement in secular and women’s rights movements
pretty quickly aborted
a growing interest in yoga and ayurveda
another decade of studying and teaching
another immense shift of perspective
thanks to Patanjali, Krishnamacharya, Desikachar
and more wonderful mentors in Chennai
healing practices
feeling at home in Beirut, at last
a fulfilling sense of community
a return to dancing
a brutal collapse of a country
a total loss of bearings
a recent attempt in Berlin

another new start, with the inability to unsee/unhear
what shattered windows, shattered families
and shattered hearts have unraveled
with the refusal to normalize
with both violence and incoherence
therefore a slow, very slow, processing time
navigating survival and imagining ways
of resistance to and reversal of
the current
(and what seems like an endless)
flow of human-made disasters

photographed by Johanne_Issa