Born in Beirut in 1978, Yalda Younes came to dance by chance, to yoga by injuries, and to sound by ways of breath. She trained in flamenco in Spain, mostly with Israel Galvan in Seville, in yoga philosophy and therapy at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai, and in video and electronic arts between ALBA in Beirut and ESEC in Paris. Currently residing in Berlin, she experiments with self-taught, intuitive methods across different mediums, with visceral listening remaining the anchor point for the development of her creative relationships with the world.

Simultaneously technical and emotional, political and spiritual, singular and relational, her sounding-body seeks to experientially explore the interconnectedness of things. Using the breath intelligently alongside a subtle approach to movement, she ventures into the body as a common denominator, both container and receptor - a dynamic field for the observation, reflection and transformation of inner and outer spaces. Nourished by opposing forces, her choreographic research plays with organized chaos, dynamics of stillness, micro-macro correspondances and cathartic releases. Avoiding categorisation, her fluid pedagogy seamlessly integrates her artistic practice. Filled with playful imagery, her teaching is non-hierarchical yet precise and skillfully guided, fostering imagination and plurality.

photo ©Johanne_Issa, 2015

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